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> My First Game!

2011-06-09 03:26:11 by BirdDoggy

> Well, I finally decided to take the dive and submit a quick little flash game that i developed this evening.
> The name of the game is Bug Zapper and I've intentionally appended Ver. 0.9 to the game because I realize
> that it is in very rough form.
> I'm basically conducting an experiment to see how this whole Newgrounds thingy works.
>Anyway, if you think the game has potential or if you feel that you'd like to vent a little about the game...
> drop me a line and let me know your comments. I'm always open to suggestions for making games kick
> ass and I'm not offended if you hate my work.
> I promise to contribute much better games in the future...
> Cheers,
> ./Ger

> My First Game!


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